The company started with container transport as a core business with the management of 20 feet, 40 feet, 40 HC, 45 feet containers and all derivatives (Reefer, Flat, O.T., Tank and Tippers (Bulk).


We transport in the national and international territory with conventional trucks, with own vehicles and third parties. The chain of the transport contract is monitored by our "just in time" staff, always guaranteeing the service in a workmanlike manner.

Semi-trailer traction

ZC Transport has specialized over the years in the management of the towing of containers, Swap Bodies and semi-trailers of foreign and non-European nationality, with a prevalence of Turkish national vehicles. The experience gained over time leads us to provide a defined work package for both the documentary part and the operational part.

Tipper container (Bulk) carrier

ZC Transport has built a fleet of tipper containers (Bulk) of 20 and 40 feet. The important investment wants to cover the gap on the market for the tipper (Bulk) service.

Waste (CER code) transportation

ZC Transport is registered in the environmental managers register for the transport of special waste in CER code and in the list of intermediaries.


Where we do not arrive with our own trucks we can cover the service with a fleet of contracted sub-carriers constantly monitored by office personnel.

Welcome to the future

Welcome to the future: fenced, guarded (in attendance during daylight hours and under 360 degree video surveillance 24 hours a day - both externally and internally) warehouse equipped with state-of-the-art alarm and intrusion detection systems will soon be available to our customers... Stay Tuned!!!"